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Nino Paoli/The Observer

No 'Philly' in this cheesesteak, local food truck craze


By Nino Paoli

Published on 7/9/23

LA GRANDE — What started as a hot dog and nachos stand “pandemic project,” Dochos — which combines the “dog” in hot dog and “chos” in nachos — serves cheesesteak as its main dish, just without the Philly.

Scott Davis, co-owner of Dochos, first opened his hot dog-nacho food truck on Spruce Street, between Becky’s Burger Barn and Spruce Street Market.

“That was kind of like my beginner’s test to see if that’s what I wanted to do,” he said. “And it actually did pretty well. I needed a bigger trailer, so I upgraded and … nobody, I guess, does decent Philly-style cheesesteak.”

When Davis noticed the untapped market, he asked Rick Mayberry, a longtime friend and cook, to help him open and run another food truck, which can be found on the corner of Adams Avenue and Second Street.

The new truck features a chicken or steak cheesesteak sandwich, and its menu includes hot dogs with the same recipe as the hot dog stand, beer battered Alaskan Cod, “beer brawts” and parmesan garlic ranch seasoned fries.

“I just don’t do nachos here,” Davis said.

Davis, who boasted that his kids came up with the business name, made it a point to leave out “Philly” on the side of the food truck.

“We just call it a cheesesteak,” Davis said. “The familiar term is a Philly cheesesteak, but we’re 3,000 miles from Philly, you know what I mean? … We just kind of do our own. We offer nacho cheese, Swiss American, blend cheese or pepper jack.”

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